Recent  Web Design  Projects


Cheryl is visionary artist, community-builder, and mindfulness instructor. She does amazing work for the community through her business, Bridges Connecting Communities, and her non-profit, Imagination Installations.

Cheryl and I had a blast co-creating her website together and taking pictures for the site.

I’m in love with how light and peaceful her website is.

“Mariela’s talent as a web designer and photographer is only surpassed by how wonderful it is to work with her in a co-creative process. She possesses a rare combination of creativity, marketing expertise and technical knowledge. I thoroughly enjoyed our brainstorming sessions which resulted in top notch solutions that reflected my business and personality beautifully.”


Cheryl Schirillo-Johnson

Founder/CEO ,

Madelin is a massage therapist, teacher, and consultant living in Boone, NC, and an angel of a person, who wants to bring her light and skills into the world.

After working on DIY sites for a while, she felt she needed a professional website that was easy to use and was a reflection of who she is.  We first did a photo-shoot on her birthday in order to have photos of herself that captured her authentic personality. Then we sat together for 2 days straight writing the copy and working on the different pages on her website.

The result is beautiful, and above all, it’s very very much in alignment with her personality and her work.

“Mariela did a fabulous job in the creation of my website.And how beautiful, inviting, and authentic it looks!!! She created a web version that truly represents my work and me. It is so soothing, clear, simple to navigate, and that’s the experience my clients are having when they visit my website.

She is confident in her experience with marketing and web design. She is insightful, passionate, and gives you the vision and results you are looking for. She was so gifted at bringing together all the pieces of my work, and was able to weave it into this beautiful tapestry of images and words.

Her soul-centered approach combined with her creative skills in photography, writing, web-design and branding really made me feel confident that at the end my website would be very professional.

Mariela was truly committed to my vision, and walked me through the process of design with ease. She helped me get my brand in clear alignment with my personality. In the end, she has created a website that I absolutely love because it truly is authentic to me and the work I want my clients to experience.”
-Madelin Semper

Rachel is a real estate broker in Seattle and needed her own website, one that captured who she is and was appealing to the kind of client she wants to work with.

During my recent trip to Seattle I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph her to display in her website more than just impersonal stock photos. We took various life-style photos to give her website visitors a sense of who she is and what she values in life.

After the photoshoot, we sat down to work together on the copy and various elements of the site. We are both in love with how it turned out.

“One only has to view examples of Mariela’s work to see that her skills and expertise reside on a holistic realm of depth, dimension, and beauty. She possesses a keen ability to identify the brightest qualities of her clients, and in turn channels that divine essence into works of art, taking web design and branding to another level.

I feel confident and grateful that my clients are drawn to working with me, based on what they consciously and subliminally experience on my website, which establishes the delightful tone for our working relationship.

Mariela understands the significance of this and makes her work seem so natural and easy. My gratitude abounds!”

-Rachel Reed

Marianne is a gem of a person, and I respect her a great deal for many reasons, including for living her bliss, doing work she loves: preserving books.

Marianne needed a professional site to take her business to the next level, and we worked together to make that happen. In addition to the regular pages (Home/About/Services/Contact) her site incorporated a gallery, map of the areas she covers, certifications, FAQs, social media, etc.

Working with Marianne was a dream. I loved the experience and it gave me lots of inspiration for my own business; it was one of the reasons I choose to work with more creative entrepreneurs who want to make the world more beautiful.

“Mariela is a genius and a wizard.

What a gift to have someone with such honed skills and technological wizardry, who also has a huge heart and appreciation for creativity, help folks in the creative fields.

She had so much enthusiasm about learning more about my work, what I do, and the services I offer.

She wants to help assist women in bringing their creative dreams into the world, and helping to manifest them. I can’t imagine having a better experience working with someone to design my website than I did with Mariela. What a tremendous gift!

My father took one look at my website, and told me it was the best website he’s ever seen. I have had many people look at my new website, and tell me how absolutely impressed they are with it. So far, I have noticed more than a double in the number of inquiries I receive since I got the new website.

Thank you so much Mariela for sharing your gifts and skills with me. You made the whole process so easy, and you asked all the right questions. I grew through this experience.”

-Marianne Kelsey