Project: Rachel Reed’s Website Design

Project Description

Rachel is a real estate broker in Seattle and needed her own website, one that captured who she is and was appealing to the kind of client she wants to work with.

During my recent trip to Seattle I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph her to display in her website more than just impersonal stock photos. We took various life-style photos to give her website visitors a sense of who she is and what she values in life.

After the photoshoot, we sat down to work together on the copy and various elements of the site. We are both in love with how it turned out.

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Project Details

Client: Rachel Reed
Date: Summer 2016
Skills: Web Design, Photography, Copy-writing, Business Guidance


“One only has to view examples of Mariela’s work to see that her skills and expertise reside on a holistic realm of depth, dimension, and beauty. She possesses a keen ability to identify the brightest qualities of her clients, and in turn channels that divine essence into works of art, taking web design and branding to another level.

I feel confident and grateful that my clients are drawn to working with me, based on what they consciously and subliminally experience on my website, which establishes the delightful tone for our working relationship.

Mariela understands the significance of this and makes her work seem so natural and easy. My gratitude abounds!”

-Rachel Reed

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