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Fortune Favors the Brave

For homeschooling Lulu and I contemplated this quote, and we wrote about some of the bravest things we’ve ever done. Starting my own business (and doing it on my own terms) was on my list. It really was so scary to me (and it continues to be sometimes) but of... read more

On Savoring Life … and guilt

Today I was watching Eat Pray Love, the movie, with my mom (it’s the 10th anniversary of the book) and there’s a part where the main character is feeling guilty about having spent three weeks in Italy basically just eating. She’s with her Italian... read more

Dreamy Photoshoot in Greensboro

Last week one of my best friends turned 50, and we celebrated by doing this dreamy photo shoot in an open field in Greensboro. It really was a dream! [vc_row margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”0″ full_width=””... read more

Poem by by Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer

That rock that we have been pushing up the hill—that one that keeps rolling back down and we keep pushing back up—what if we stopped? We are not Sisyphus. This rock is not a punishment. It’s something we’ve chosen to push. Who knows why. I look at all the names we... read more

Poem: “When I Was the Forest” by Meister Eckhart

When I was the stream, when I was the forest, when I was still the field, when I was every hoof, foot, fin and wing, when I was the sky itself, no one ever asked me did I have a purpose, no one ever wondered was there anything I might need, for there was nothing I... read more