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New WordPress Site: REDglobal Group

Project: REDGlobal Group WordPress Web Design Project Description REDglobal is an international company based out of Greensboro, NC. They provide business simulations, online learning, certification of qualifications, service design models, and a full curriculum of... read more

New WordPress Site: My Bridges.Net

Project: My Bridges Website Design Project Description Cheryl is visionary artist, community-builder, and mindfulness instructor. She does amazing work for the community through her business, Bridges Connecting Communities, and her non-profit, Imagination... read more

How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

How Do You Want to Be Remembered? A few years ago, at the beginning of my mid-life clarity, I went to the memorial service of a woman I admired greatly. I remember sitting there, listening to people speak about her legacy, and when I left, I couldn’t stop... read more

A Formula to Find Your Life Purpose

Need Help Finding Your Life Purpose? Maybe this will help One of my favorite teachers, Martha Beck, in her book “Finding Your Way in a Wild New World,” shares this very useful formula for finding your life’s purpose. It doesn’t apply to... read more

More on Blissipline

Here’s what I know. In order to profit from our passion, we must cultivate discipline, or as I call it, Blissipline. So many of us name not having time as our top reason for not doing what we love, but the reality is (for most of us anyway) we simply don’t... read more

New Client Website Launch

Today I’m celebrating a new website that I created and wanted to share with the world. I loved loved loved photographing Rachel in Seattle and working with her on the copy and design of her website. http://rachelreed.us/ I’m really honored to be able to... read more

The Art of Blissipline

I’m so in love with this new word I’ve come across (BLISSIPLINE) which describe what I have been trying to do daily for years to maintain a sense of wonder/radical amazement in my life; this is the true refuge of my soul, and I adore having a term for it.... read more