A decade ago, I started my web-design and marketing business almost by mistake; friends started asking me for help building their sites, and then the word spread. It was humbling to find myself with a full-blown agency within a few months.

But I honestly didn’t know what I was doing, so I went about it the way the patriarchal business world operates. And so I got burnt out quickly. I lost myself in the process. I hated my work. I gained 40 pounds. I was depressed. A blessing became a curse.

I went into a “cave” for a long time to nourish myself back to health,  and when I came out I decided:

+ to do business my way!

+ to not compromise my integrity ever again.

+ to help others do business mindfully, authentically.

Your authentic offering to the world.

Are you ready to give of yourself to the world?

I want to keep you from doing business in a way that sucks your energy (mental, physical, spiritual energy). I want you to do business on your own terms.

What I Can Help You With:


A Clear Message

Living your Bliss requires more than just having a beautiful website. You need a clear message that resonates with potential clients and that is authentic to your personality.


I help you get clarity by guiding you to research:
• Inspiration websites (websites you love)
• Competitor websites
• Focused keywords for organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Your Vision

You’ll also need a vision, goals, direction. We can work together to dig deep into the business side, in a peaceful and joyful way. This is what I call Business with SOUL!



• Objectives for your new site
• Potential call to actions
• Desired outcomes of website
• Product/services offering
•  Target audience
• Marketing goals
•Future website enhancements



For years I’ve seen people struggle to launch their businesses.  They keep postponing their dream and living a small life of dissatisfaction. Our time on this earth is precious. Let’s do this!

Working Together

If web design and the business side of your passion are a heavy weight on your shoulders; if you feel overwhelmed by it all, let us work together. Releasing a new website doesn’t have to be an overwhelming and intimidating experience.

Starting your business can feel overwhelming and like a daunting task. I believe you need to have a very steady foundation to support you down the road, in every way: financially, mentally, spiritually… You need to be clear on: who you are, what you do, who you serve, what do they need, and how to give them successful and fulfilling experiences.


Please contact me if you are interested in working together.